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Amaris Appartements
Fam. Pfeifer
Bichlweg 15
6561 Ischgl

Phone: +43 699 172 922 32

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Company name: Amaris Apartments
                        Brigitte Pfeifer
Legal form: Individual Enterprise
Headquarters: Bichlweg 15, 6561 Ischgl 
VAT: is created in April
Authority acc. to ECG: BH Landeck

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TVB Paznauntal - Ischgl (Galtür, Kappl, See) (David Schultheiß, Stefan Kürzi, Prinoth Photography,, Christoph Malin, Markus Mitterer, Vaude, Erwin Haiden, Maxum)
Silvrettaseilbahn AG
Thomas Ladner

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